Friday, 14 September 2007

HDMI Passthrough?

Yeah, so I've just bought a Sony PS3, a Samsung 40" LCD HD Tv and a Sony STR-DG510 amplifier. You'd think that hooking up the PS3 to the system would be easy?? Wrong. I'm learning the hard, expensive way, what the real picture is. The Sony amp supports HDMI "Passthrough", which means that although it accepts input from two separate HDMI inputs, it won't then extract the audio and output it to the 5.1 speakers - NO! - it will "Pass" the signal through to the connected HDMI device. In this case it's the LCD TV. Not much use to me, I'm afraid! I don't want the audio to go through to the television - I want it to go through to the speakers in my surround system. OBVIOUSLY, I want that when I hit the 'PS3' output option on the amp, that the TV will get the 1080i signal from the PS3 and the speakers will get a Dolby Digital audio signal from either the media library, the Blu-ray disk, or the game I happen to be playing. I don't want to have to fuck around with a million remotes, trying to switch from this to that to the fucking other.

Bad luck buddy. I have to go back to the shop and buy, now, again, an 'Optical' cable. Then I can output the audio separately from the PS3 to the 'Video 2 - BD/Optical In' of the STR-DG510. What a piss-off. As if the friggin HDMI cables (both of them!) didn't cost enough at AU$50 each. But of course if you want the full 1080i, you have to have HDMI, but now I have to fork out the fuck AGAIN, for a goddam Optical cable. I bet the bastard is going to cost an arm and a leg. Sheesh.