Monday, 21 April 2008

HDMI problems

The HDMI on my new Sony STR-DA5300ES just stopped working.

For some reason, when I turned it on yesterday, there was no display (on the Samsung 1080i LCD TV) from the HDMI out of the AVR. Not only was there nothing from the single HDMI1 source, but even when trying to simply display the on-screen menu, the screen was showing 'No input'.

I checked that the source component (a PS3) was actually outputting a signal, by plugging it directly into the TV HDMI input, and yes, everything worked, so I knew it had to be the AVR at fault.

First I tried a few simple procedures that I found on the web: Turn off the power to all components, leave for 15 min, then turn on the TV, then the AVR, then the source - in that order. No go.

I wiggled the HDMI leads. Nothing.

I swapped the HDMI leads. Nothing.

I did a complete reset on the AVR, something I admit I neglected to do when first setting up the unit. Nothing.

Now I was getting desperate. I thought that instead of HDMI, I'd try using component video out from the AVR to the TV, to see if that would work. At least then I'd have a picture.

After plugging in the red, blue and green component leads between the AVR and the TV, suddenly...the menu appeared! Everything was working again - through HDMI!

I can't understand it. Very strange indeed. I know this is not an uncommon situation as many people have reported the same thing in various A/V forums. This is the latest incarnation of HDMI, 1.3a.

It leads me to believe that HDMI still has a fair way to go before it can be regarded as a completely stable and reliable solution to carrying High Definition audio and video.

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Fastest Coffee in Australia

Sick of standing around getting old while waiting for that early morning latte?

You'll wonder how you ever tolerated it after buying a coffee at coffee@collins in Collins Place, Melbourne. My average morning coffee normally arrives within 60 seconds of ordering. Now that's more like it.