Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11 crash

I just upgraded from Movie Studio Platinum 8.0 to HD 11, which cost $80, so I was disappointed to find that the main "features" that came with this "upgrade" were:
a) A wait cursor which lasted around 1m 30s every time I switched back to the application from another program, and
b) Frequent crashes when trying to start the program - a dialog "Send information to Sony" blah blah.

The first problem was solved by Googling - there's an option in preferences to release references to all files, video and audio, when Vegas is not the active application. Once you turn this off, the wait cursor problem is resolved.

As for the second problem, I've submitted a support ticket for but predictably, haven't heard anything back from Sony. As they've just released this version, I'm assuming that there must be millions of people with the same crashing problem. Anyway, I did figure out a way of getting the application to start.

Firstly I tried uninstalling and reinstalling. That didn't work. Next I tried uninstalling and removing registry entries relating to Vegas. That didn't work. Then I went nuts and tried uninstalling, deleting registry entries, deleting Program Files directories, and deleting user directories. That worked.

I have Windows 7, so you may have to find another solution if you have a different operating system. Basically, you have to go into c:\Users\{Your Username}\AppData\Local\ , find the folder containing all the Sony Vegas settings files, and delete it. You don't have to uninstall or even restart the computer.

Now you'll be able to run Vegas, but you'll have to go straight into preferences and reset anything you changed - such as 'release files when not the active application', or the location for saving rendered projects etc.

I'm going to investigate this further, because I'm sure that the problem is caused by maybe just one or two of the many files in that directory - I just don't know which one. If Sony get back to me or release an update, then I may find the answer more easily, until then, I'll just keep deleting..deleting..deleting...

Crashed (predictably) again today, for absolutely no reason, while shutting down the program, but this time, the above didn't work. I had to go to HKCU in the registry and delete the entire Movie Studio HD 11 key before it would start up again. Sony, reply to my support request and fix it, or refund my money.

Addendum 2:
I found out that what's causing the crash is setting the default sound configuration for new projects to be 5.1. If you set the default to be something else, the program won't crash any more. Doesn't look like they can be bothered fixing it though.