Sunday, 16 March 2008

My Buell

I have to thank you, Erik Buell. You designed a motorcycle that has all the ingredients that someone like me could hope for.

Not only do I have my 'naked bike' seating position, I have something that handles better than any Ducati, looks meaner than an MV Augusta, runs like a V-Twin dream, and sounds like sex on wheels.

Until I discovered Buells, I thought that in order to get that gorgeous Harley sound, I'd have to become an 'outlaw motorcycle rider' and ride around on a big, wanky, black-and-chrome cruiser that handled like a pig and deafened anyone within earshot. Not so. You've provided the link between the past and the present. A bike which not only looks good on paper, but actually stands up in real-life and takes on all comers. A technological masterpiece with a heart of pure Milwaukee gold.

Thank you.